Sunday, September 6, 2015

777 Challenge

I've been tapped by the awesome Linda Simoni Wastila to participate in the 777 Challenge. It's a fun little game where a writer shares 7 lines from their 7th page of any manuscript, then taps 7 other writers.

I'm going to share 7 lines from my new adult crime noir ASHBY HOLLER, which is in the query trenches right now.

Sasha pushed back a snicker and pulled a knife from the sheath on her belt.

“I don’t see anyone out there.” Ellen breezed across the room, opening a tall cabinet. She handed an assault rifle to Chewy then tossed one to Kev. “Go check the perimeter.”

Kev scampered from the room and Sasha cut the shirt from Rolo’s chest. She ripped the thin cable from his skin, kicking him over to find a recorder taped to his back.

“It’s not live. No one’s listening.” She handed the device to her mother and sheathed her blade.

A sinister laugh bellowed from Chewy’s mouth, like an evil Santa, and Vinny cracked his knuckles.

“He’s your friend, you nominated him as a runner,” Ellen said, glowering at Sasha.

And now, for my 7 nominees (who will either hate or love me for doing this):

Kelly deVos

Sara Jo Cluff

June Hur

Lora Douglas

Kosoko Jackson

Tiffany Hofmann

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